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About Us

We have been in business since 1994, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have specialized in custom homes and designed and managed several projects on the island. However we are not limited to custom homes, as we offer many additional construction services.

Operating as a small business, locally owned with members of our staff having years of experience in the construction industry covering various areas of the construction field. This diversity has allowed us to learn the many issues of the building process, from plans to permitting and even constructing. We try incorporate working closely with contractors so that our designs have with them in mind. They are the ones that will build it.

Every builder has their own style of doing things. That doesn't mean that one way is better than the other, more of a preference. We want to make those preferences work for you as we hear the horror stories of plans that just did not work.

There was a carpenter who is ready to retire, he's worked for thirty years. His boss comes up and begs him to do one last job. The carpenter agrees, but he rushes and doing all the short cuts he knows because the quicker he finishes the sooner he can fly to Hawaii. Upon finishing, he goes up to the boss and says "I am done" the boss looks at him, gives him the keys and says "That's the keys to the house you just built, it's yours. My retirement gift to you."

   "I found Accent Design Services to be both prompt and knowledgeable regarding the construction field and its many processes. I liked their attention to detail, sincerity, and focus on completion when following up with their customers. All in all a great outfit of whom which I highly recommend." 

    Eric C. - Developer / City Planner. Oregon to Hawaii